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Ever go on one of those family vacations and all of a sudden your face with one of those medical emergencies? How about going to watch your daughter play softball in a different city or school. Yes, they have medical staff usually onsite but about the ride home.

Well here’s  a few things to watch for compliments of Randy at Randal McCoy Insurance, he has kids also and offers up these tips for us.

Concussions have become a popular topic of concern recently, especially for those who play sports like football. But spotting a concussion can be difficult at times. If you think you or someone you know has suffered a concussion, it is important to contact a medical professional immediately, to have it properly diagnosed and treated. Here are some common signs of a concussion to look out for. They can happen at the moment of and can last for weeks after a concussion.

Loss of Consciousness – The most obvious, and possibly most severe sign of a concussion is a temporary loss of consciousness directly after the event. This can last from a few seconds to several minutes. If there has been a loss of consciousness, it is important to immediately seek professional help to ensure no long-term problems will occur.

Confusion – This can be confusion around the event, confusion around the period of time directly before the event, or confusion around basic information. This can be an inability to answer questions or can come as a delayed response to questions. It can also lead to slurred speech.

Headache – A severe, persistent headache, or feeling like there is pressure in the head can be a sign of a concussion. This can be accompanied by ringing in the ears. These symptoms can last for days or weeks after a concussion and should not be ignored.

Fatigue – An unusual level of tiredness or feeling like you are in a fog can be a symptom of a concussion. This can lead to you sleeping more than usual, or it can make it harder for you to fall asleep and make you sleep less than usual.

If you notice any of these symptoms in yourself or someone else, it is important to contact a doctor. If left untreated, a concussion can have serious, lifelong problems.