Four Signs of A Concussion

insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, howeowners insuranceSomething to think about while traveling with kids!

Ever go on one of those family vacations and all of a sudden your face with one of those medical emergencies? How about going to watch your daughter play softball in a different city or school. Yes, they have medical staff usually onsite but about the ride home.

Well here’s  a few things to watch for compliments of Randy at Randal McCoy Insurance, he has kids also and offers up these tips for us.

Concussions have become a popular topic of concern recently, especially for those who play sports like football. But spotting a concussion can be difficult at times. If you think you or someone you know has suffered a …

Pros and Cons of Giving Event Gifts

Many business owners who host events give some form of a gift as people leave. This swag can include samples of a new product, treats, or some kind of branded item to act as a form of advertising. And while these gifts, when properly done, can be a great addition to an event, they more often than not simply wind up in the trash. So if you are hosting an event and considering giving a gift of some kind, consider these pros and cons.


Reminder – A good corporate gift can serve as a reminder of the event. If it was an event to thank clients or employees, that reminder can reinforce goodwill. If the event was for a …

5 Unique Ways to Entertain Traveling Clients

For many business owners, a key part of their business is entertaining clients while they visit to help win business. Unfortunately, the routine of going to dinner, then out for a few drinks can get old.

After a day or two, clients will feel it as an obligation, rather than something exciting, and it can even ultimately hurt, rather than help, the process. Instead, think of one of these unique ideas to entertain clients, and let them leave on a high note, remembering this trip, and your sales pitch, in a very different light. It just might be the thing to push that sale over the edge.

Professional Hobbies – People take their hobbies very seriously. Whether it’s fishing, hunting, …

5 Financial Tips for Traveling Alone

Everyone loves to travel. Unfortunately, if you’re single, or with someone who has a very different schedule than you, it can sometimes be difficult to find someone to travel with. If that’s your situation, that’s OK – many who travel solo find it to be an incredible experience. But if you plan on traveling alone, there are a few things to think about, especially relating to your finances. Here are 5 financial tips for traveling alone.

Prepay Your Bills – The last thing you want to worry about on vacation is paying your cell phone bill. Either set up an automatic payment or pay your bills early before going on vacation, so you can avoid the hassle of trying to …